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Fusion Accessories

Price: $3.99  
Fusion Accessories

Fusion Accessories

Price: $3.99  
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Need extra wiring harnesses for your Fusion Multi-Color accent system?  You will find it all right here.  All the extras you need to add more lighting to your Fusion MC-X6 multi-color LED accent kits.

"Y" Splitters
Convert 1 plug into 2 plugs. Approximately 4" long

12", 24", or 36" Extensions
Extension cable with male plug on one end and female on the other

6' 3-Way Extension
Designed for big bikes & trikes. Routes 3 cables down to one and back to 3 to decrease installation time. 6 feet long with male end which plugs into CPU is staggered according to 3 zone lengths on CPU.

Extra Key FOB
Fusion CPU remote for single or multi-color systems. 433 MHZ, 48 bit code. ~ 33 foot range. Includes 27A Battery.

Zone Amplifier
Amplify your existing system to that you can incorporate as many lights as you want using this easy plug-n-play add on. (Recommended for adding lights above Stage 5)

Remote Control CPU
Fusion 21 color LED CPU. 100% plug-n-play. Includes remote.

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