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Can-Am Spyder Amplified Speaker Kits

Price: $269.95 List price: $299.95  
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Cam-Am Speaker Kit

Can-Am Spyder Amplified Speaker Kits

Price: $269.95 List price: $299.95  
You save: $30.00 (10%)
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The Amplified Speaker Kit for the Can-Am Spyder will get those three-wheeled machines rockin’ in no time flat. Featuring 3 different size bullet speakers (2", 2-1/2", or 3") and Cycle Sounds workhorse miniature amplifier you’re sure to get years of enjoyment out of this audio package. Using a bolt-on design and quick disconnect wiring harnesses, these new Can-Am Spyder Amplified Speaker Kits are simple to hook up and connect with virtually any mp3 player, gps, or satellite radio. The bolt-on design w/ rubber base makes it easy to attach the speakers to virtually any semi-flat surface with minimal modifications to the vehicle.

Cycle Sounds goal is to make products that are attractive, easy to use, and will last the test of time when others just can’t stack up. Ride tested for weather and vibration stability, these audio components are certified for all-weather and all-terrain riding conditions. You will never have to worry about your audio system if you get caught off guard in a rainstorm or take a wrong turn down a rough roadway; just roll on.
  • This kit is specifically designed for Can-Am Spyder
  • 3 Speaker sizes to choose from.
  • 2" (100w), 2-1/2" (150w), or 3" (200w)
  • Choose Black or Chrome
  • Miniature Amplifier with Harness with 3.5mm Input
  • Universal Amplifier Mounting Bracket
  • Adjustable Adhesive Device Mount with 4-hole AMPS Pattern
  • Speaker Mounting Hardware w/ Rubber Scratch Free base
  • Power Harness & Other Misc. Hardware (Velcro, wire ties, etc.)
  • Amperage Draw is 1.5-2 Amps

Physical Size:
Speaker (H: 3-1/8” x W: 3-1/8” x D: 3-1/2”)
Amplifier (H: 1-1/2” x W: 3-1/2” x D: 1-1/4”)
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