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White LED Flexible Arrays DRL

Price: $3.99  
White 2mm LED Flexible Arrays

White LED Flexible Arrays DRL

Price: $3.99  
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Let there be light!  New White LED Flex Strips with 2mm spacing will make your motorcycle or auto stand out.  Use them as Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), to illuminate your trunk or saddlebags, or anywhere else you need an intense white strip light.  Strips are encased in a clear or smoked plastic tubing and water sealed for years of maintenance free use.  Many lengths to choose from starting at 1.28" and going all the way up to 12.8". Sold 1 strip per package

*Can be flexed in an arc as pictured above but not up and down like a "Smiley" or "Frown Face" shape

- Tubing must be warmed to bend (warming and bending instructions included) then cools stiff for durability
- Installs easily with supplied double sided 3M tape (attached to back of fixture at factory)
- 3M Mounting Surface Promoter Pad is highly recommended for proper installation

Sold each.

  • Wide viewing angle for the best possible visibility
  • 2mm spacing between LEDs
  • Choose Clear or Smoked tubing
  • Flexible "1/2 Moon" shaped tube that is only 3/8" thick
  • Industrial strength double side mounting tape on back
  • 26 gauge teflon coated wire leads
  • Input voltage of 12-15 Volts DC
  • Lifetime warranty against LED failure
  • Sold 1 per package
Universal fit for 12V DC Systems

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