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HogSwipe Gold

HogSwipe Gold Waterless Detailer

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Hogswipe® Waterless Detailer CLEANS, POLISHES & PROTECTS... Your cherished ride's many delicate surfaces, including custom paint, chrome, fiberglass, plastic, glass, lexan, vinyl & more against daily doses of... Road Dirt, Dust, Grime, Grease, Water-Spots, Gas Spillage, Bird Dropping's, Insect Splatter & more in a single, "Wet-to-Wet" application... WITHOUT A SINGLE DROP OF WATER!!! The exclusive, Emulsion-Based, Polymer Formula Is... AMERICAN-MADE, OFFICIALLY "GREEN" & AIR, MARINE, AUTOMOTIVE CERTIFIED. Amazingly, Hogswipe® Waterless Detailer contains none of the harsh chemicals found in most automotive cleaning products such as alcohol, ammonia, silicone or wax!

The real magic of Hogswipe® lies in the unique relationship between our waterless detailer & our towels. When applied in unison with the "Anti-Static" properties of a Microfiber Cloth (included with "Bundle packages below), the "bottom-line" result is the biggest, baddest, "One-of-a-Kind" shine in the Bizz!!!
  • Environmentally Safe, Travel-Friendly Formula - A "Fantastic" Way To Start "Goin' Green!"
  • Lightly Scented With A Pleasant "Hint of Citrus"
  • Extremely Gentle, Completely Non-Abrasive

4 Packages to Choose From:
  • 8 Oz. "Cruise-N-Use" Bottle... Just Perfect For Your Saddlebag or Glove Compartment!
  • 8 Oz. "Cruise-N-Use" Bundle... Includes 8 Oz. Bottle And (2) Two Premiun-Grade, Microfiber Cloths!
  • 32 Oz. "Jumbo" Size Bottle... With Heavy-Duty Trigger Spray! "Hogswipe" Your Car, Boat, Plane... Even Your Aunt Betty!
  • 32 Oz. "Jumbo" Size Bundle... Includes 32 Oz. Bottle And (3) Three Premium-Grade, Microfiber Cloths!

*Please Note: Hogswipe® Waterless Detailer Is A... "Daily Maintenance Cleaner", Specially Formulated To Help Maintain & Preserve The Integrity Of Your Cherished Ride's Many Surfaces. It Should NOT Be Used As A Substitute For "Waxing" For Vehicle The Recommended 2-3 Times Per Year To Help Combat The Effects Of Oxidation & Other Long-Term Weathering Effects. Additionally, Is Not Formulated For Use On Excessively Soiled, Muddy, "Sun-Baked" or "Caked-On" Surfaces. Under These Harsh Conditions, Always Wash Your Vehicle Down With A Mild Soap/Water First As A Prerequisite.