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2-Channel 12V DC Remote Control Unit

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2-Channel Remote

2-Channel 12V DC Remote Control Unit

Price: $58.45 List price: $64.95  
You save: $6.50 (10%)
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2-Zone Strobe/Fade/Breathe Remote Control is here! You can now have 2 seperate zones or colors function independently from each other with just one remote control. Want your ground effects to strobe while the engine LEDs breathe? Now you can! With this new 2-Channel remote control you can easily control 2 different colors or zones with just a push of a button. You can split one color into 2 zones or run 2 colors independently from each other for a totally awesome lighting effect on your motorcycle, auto, boat or anything with a 12VDC system.
  • 2-Channel allows for seperate operation of each zone or color independently from each other
  • Includes 1 Key FOB
  • Each of the listed functions below can be operated in 2 zones
  • On/Off Turn lights on and off. Can be solid-on in any one of the brightness modes
  • Breathe - Fading looping mode that goes from bright to dim and then back to bright in approx. 4 seconds. With this function the LEDs will appear to be "breathing"
  • Strobe - Flashes at a rate of 130ms.  This remote control has 8 different strobe patterns that will definitely make your bike stand out. Choose between 2 -7 strobe patterns.
  • Dim - Select one of 8 different intensity modes:  adjustable form 12% brightness up to 100%.

Installation: Easily installs with any of our LED Accent kits. Unit hooks up with 6 simple wires and comes with step by step instructions including everything needed to install your 2-Zone Remote Control unit on your bike. Works with any 4 amp draw or less 12 volt accessory you want to control.
Universal fit for all 12V DC systems

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