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1210 LED Accent Lighting Ribbon Spool

Price: $83.99  
1210 LED Reels

1210 LED Accent Lighting Ribbon Spool

Price: $83.99  
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Waterproof Flexible LED Ribbon lighting can be used in a wide variety of applications including signage, backlighting, under cabinet lighting, landscapes, fountains & water features, steps and stairs, motorcycle and automotive lighting, marine and recreational vehicle, retail and display case lighting, coaches and limos, home theaters, media rooms, and more! Featuring 1210 Series LEDs on a black printed circuit board with 3m tape. 5 Meter roll can be cut every 3 LEDs and is completely water-proof. 4 colors to choose from.

Let your imagination be the limit of the design!
  • 1210 Series LEDs for a bright glow spaced .75" apart
  • 4 colors to choose from: Blue, White, Green, Red.
  • 5 Meters long (over 16 feet of LEDs)
  • Flexible 12mm wide strip is covered in Silicone PVC with black backing.
  • 300 LEDs per reel
  • Able to be cut every 3 LEDs
  • 100,000 Hour lifetime rating
  • Water resistant/rustproof IP66 Rating
  • Wattage draw is 18w per 5 meter reel
  • Works on all 12V DC electrical systems
  • *Note* White has a color rating of 5500K

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