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Glow Strips 5050 LED 16' Reels

Price: $139.99  
Glow Strip 5050 Reels

Glow Strips 5050 LED 16' Reels

Price: $139.99  
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Glow Strips are 5050 Super Bright Flat LED Accent Light Reels that can be used for just about any job requiring a low profile, flexible, and water-proof LED Strip. We designed Glow Strips to be 3x brighter than standard 5050 LED Reels.  Each reel uses single color or RGB 5050 LEDs spaced 1/2" apart. These strips can be cut every 3 LEDs to create the perfect length. Choose from 8 extremely bright, vibrant colors including Orange, Pink, and Purple. Reels are 5 meters long (approx. 16 feet). Ideal for building your own motorcycle, Auto, Boat, or home LED accent Light kit. Color Changing (RGB) reels can be purchase with 3 Powers & 1 Ground or 3 Grounds and 1 power (see "Features").

These LED strips are flexible, waterproof, extremely versatile, and will work on any 10-14V DC system.
  • Uses 5050 style Super Bright LEDs with a 100° viewing angle.
  • 3x Brighter than standard 5050 LED reels found on eBay and Amazon
  • LEDs are spaced at 1/2" apart.
  • 5 Meter Reels (16.4 feet long)
  • 8 solid colors to choose from. Red, Amber, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Pink, and Orange
  • 2 Color Changing (RGB) styles: Negative Control has 1 Power & 3 Grounds, or Positive Control has 3 Powers and 1 Ground
  • Completely waterproof due to the full rubber housing encasing the LEDs
  • Super thin at only .14" thick and .40" wide
  • Flexible enough to wrap around your pinky finger
  • 3M automotive double-sided tape attached to back surface
  • Works on all 10-14V DC systems
  • 1 warranty against LED failure
  • Manufactured specifically for Chrome Glow
  • Sold per reel

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