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Glow Strips LED Wheel Accent Lights

Price: $32.49  

Glow Strips LED Wheel Accent Lights

Price: $32.49  
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Glow Strips LED Rim Lights are here!  These completely round LED lighting disks are designed specifically for adding accent lighting to your motorcycle's wheels or rims. With 9 Single-Color 5050 LEDs shining outward in a perfect cylindrical pattern you will get an even spread of light on your entire rim.  Available in the same 8 colors as our Glow Strips Kits and Strips: Amber, Red, Blue, Green, White, Purple, Pink, and Orange.

Rim Lights are sold 1 per package

  • LED Rim Light disks have 9 super bright 5050 series LEDs
  • 360 degree perfect spread of light to illuminate the entire wheel
  • 72" wire leads covered with black sheathing
  • Light weight Black Delrin construction
  • Size is .5" thick by 2.25" diameter
  • Kit includes: Rim Light with 3M double-sided tape pre-attached, 3M Promoter Pad, and 10 Small Cable Ties

Requires minimum of 1/2" clearance between inside edge of caliper and wheel spokes
**Does not work on rear wheels of bikes with shaft drive**

  • Installs using 3M double sided tape on inside surface of brake caliper or fender mounting point
  • Requires a flat surface of at least 1 square inch to mount properly