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Kawasaki Z125 Pro LED Fender Eliminator with Tag Mount

Price: $94.99 List price: $99.99  
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Z125 Pro LED Fender Eliminator Kit

Kawasaki Z125 Pro LED Fender Eliminator with Tag Mount

Price: $94.99 List price: $99.99  
You save: $5.00 (5%)
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This LED Turn Signal Fender Eliminator kit completely removes the bulky stock tag bracket on your Kawasaki Z125 Pro while offering a sleek low profile, Sport Bike design. It is made from high grade impact resistant black ABS plastic and mounts directly under the tail of your Z125 Pro when removing the large bulky "mudflap" style license plate & turn signal bracket. Two different Tag Mount options to choose from. The "STD" or Standard mount positions the tag out over the tire in traditional location. The "Tucked" Tag Mount design means your license plate will be angle inward over the rear wheel in a "race bike" style. The kit also features two super bright, 10-LED light bars to function as just turns or brake/turn (Switch Back version). Choose just Amber, just Red, or dual color Red/Amber Switch Back style (see image below). This kit also includes an LED Tag Light and instructions with Posi-Tap connectors for a "no wire cutting" installation.

SwitchBack Dual Color Integrated shown here on Ninja 300

Switchback Turn Signals

  • Perfect fit when removing stock Mud Flap Tag holder & rear turns on Z125 Pro
  • "Standard" Fender Eliminator design position has tag mount angled outward in a traditional¬† style
  • "Tucked" Fender Eliminator design has the tag mount angled inward in a "race bike" style
  • Choose Amber, Red, or dual color Red/Amber Switchback LEDs (No Lights option also available)
  • Choose Red, Smoked, or Clear LED lens (Red lens can only be used with Red LEDs, not Amber or Dual Color Red/Amber Switch Backs)
  • Constructed from High Impact durable plastic
  • Included white LED Tag Light making you legal in 50 States
  • No cutting of stock wires, We include Posi-Taps for easy installation.

** Optional Flash-03 Electronic Flasher Relay will be required (see "Customers Also Bought" below) when adding both front and rear led turn signals. If you are just switching the rear LEDs only, the turn signals will flash slightly faster than normal. If you switch both front and rear turns over to LED and do not add a Flash-03 relay, your turn signals wont flash at all**
2017-Up Kawasaki Z125 pro

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