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LED Replacement Bulbs from Kuryakyn

Price: $11.39  
Kuryakyn 1156 LED Bulb

LED Replacement Bulbs from Kuryakyn

Price: $11.39  
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An inexpensive way to upgrade from incandescent to LED bulbs.  Replace your stock turn signal light bulbs in most motorcycles, autos, trailers, campers, and trucks.  These standard bright L.E.D. bulbs last longer (100,000 hours), are more energy efficient, more reliable, faster responding, and virtually vibration resistant.

**Note: this bulb will not be any brighter than the stock bulbs. It is only an LED equivalent.

Did You Know?
For the brightest possible turn signals, use the same color LED Bulb behind the same color lens. Amber bulb behind Amber lens or Red bulb behind Red lens.

Sold 1 per package 

  • Choose from: RED or AMBER with 1156 or 1157 base
  • LED equivalent to your stock incandescent bulb
  • 3 Year Warranty against LED Failure
  • Works on all 12-13.8 Volt DC systems

1156 or 1157 bulb applications


*Not recommended for '99-'03 taillights or '86-'10 flat style lens turn signals found on most Dressers, Road Kings, or Heritage models.*

*A Dual Load Equalizer may be needed if your turn signal LED Bulbs flash too quickly

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