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Split 50/50 Flexible Array Motorcycle Taillight/Turn Signal Light Bar

Price: $53.95  
Split Flexible Array

Split 50/50 Flexible Array Motorcycle Taillight/Turn Signal Light Bar

Price: $53.95  
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Split 50/50 LED Flexible Array Light Bars can be used in Run/Brake/Turn or Run/Turn applications on just about any motorcycle. Each light bar is divided into 2 halves (sides) to be used as independent LED turn signals on your motorcycle. They can be added to your license plate frame, fender, trunk, or wherever you want a custom look. These LED strips are sunlight visible and feature 1mm spacing and 120° viewing angle LEDs. These are a flush mount LED strip that is inside a "D" shaped tubing. The flat side of the "D" is where the 3M mounting tape is located. The light will then shine out the arc part of the "D". 

** NOTE** Can be flexed in an arc as if to wrap around a paint can. CAN NOT be bent in smiley or frown face direction.

  • Available with Red or Amber LEDs
  • Choose Red, Clear, or Smoked Tubing
  • Can be flexed in an arc to match fender shape
  • Split 50/50 for turn signal use
  • 120 degree viewing angle for wider daytime visability.
  • Flexible "D" channel tube that is only .325" thick by .325" wide
  • Industrial strength double side mounting tape on back
  • 24 gauge teflon coated wire leads
  • Draws less than .2 amps per foot
  • Input voltage of 12-15 Volts DC
  • Can be used as dual intensity by adding "Running Light Circuits"
  • Can be used as Run-Brake-Turn by adding "Solar Circuits and Running Light Circuits"
  • Add the 3M Promoter pad for a stronger bond between tape and mounting surface
Wiring Options:
  • No added circuits and the Light Bar functions as Turn Signals only
  • Add the the Running Light Circuits for 1/2 intensity running lights and full brightness turns
  • Add the Solar Circuits and the Running Light Circuits for Run-Brake-Turn applications (Red LEDs only)
  • Solar Circuits alone (without Running Light Circuits) will make the light bar function at full brightness running light and then blink Off-On as turn signal
  • If your bike already has a Run-Brake-Turn module, you will not need any Circuit Options.
  • Easily bends in U shape to fit fender by warming with heat gun or hot hairdryer. Failure to follow Bending Instructions can void product warranty.
  • Installs easily with supplied double sided 3M tape.
  • 3M Mounting Surface Promoter Pad is highly recommended for proper installation.



LEDs Per side & Total Length
20 LED - 5.60" long
25 LED - 6.80" long
30 LED - 8.00" long
35 LED - 9.20" long
40 LED - 10.4" long
45 LED - 11.6" long
50 LED - 12.8" long
55 LED - 14.0" long
60 LED - 15.2" long
65 LED - 16.4" long
70 LED - 17.6" long