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Rok Strap Small Adjustable Motorcycle Luggage Tie-Downs

Price: $14.95  
Rok Straps

Rok Strap Small Adjustable Motorcycle Luggage Tie-Downs

Price: $14.95  
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These famous "flat cargo stretch straps" were designed specifically with motorcycles, ATV's (Quads), and snowmobiles in mind. These flat cargo motorcycle straps are available in 3 colors. Choose Classic All Black, Bright Green, or Dark Green Camo. Secure anything to a motorcycle without scratches with these flat cargo motorcycle straps - no hooks cargo straps! Adjusts from 12" to 42".

Looking for a cool, slimline motorcycle cargo strap to suit your cruiser or touring motorcycle? You asked for it, now here it is - a cargo strap designed specially for today's rider. Strap It™ Cruiser will hold the greatest variety of cargo types firmly and securely to your bike - without scratching your bike's bodywork! Sold 2 per package.

  • Easy push button latching system combined with "Bungee" style stretch and hold.
  • Adjusts easily to fit around most luggage items. Just wrap the strap around your luggage, fix down ends and you’re off!
  • Strong Hold! Allows you to pull down tight for the strongest possible luggage hold.
  • These straps come in all Black, Green, or Camo color schemes to match the cruiser style bikes.
  • Unique closed-end loop design ensures a scratch free mount.
  • Adjusts from 12" to 42" to fit almost any size luggage. 5/8" wide straps.
  • Available in Black, Bright Green, or Camo (dark green)
  • Sold 2 per Package
12" to 42" adjustment