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Maltese Cross LED Turn Signal Motorcycle Mirror Set

Price: $155.66  
Maltese Cross LED Turn Signal Mirrors 34-8220

Maltese Cross LED Turn Signal Motorcycle Mirror Set

Price: $155.66  

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These billet custom mirrors could very well save your life!  When you’re riding, your every intention must be clearly seen by all other motorists.  The more lighting the better – a situation that’s not always easy to achieve or even practical on every bike.  Until now!  The solution is this Maltese Cross Motorcycle LED Mirror Set!

Sold in Pairs.

  • 20 Super-bright Amber LEDs on forward facing side of mirror housing
  • Functions as 1/2 intensity running lights & full intensity turn signals
  • LEDs are clear in color when off to match chrome appearance
  • Billet construction with bright chrome plated frames
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • Increased visibility and safety
  • Includes 5/16" x 1-1/4" and 5/16" x 1-1/2" bolts, flat washers, & lock washers.  (Metric adapter kits available)

ALL motorcycles.  Simply bolt the mirrors on, connect the wires to the turn signals & running lights and you’re done.
3 Wire 12V DC hook-up
Wire splicing required; Wiring hardware not included.

** When replacing your stock turn signals with LEDs a Load Equalizer may be required to slow the flash rate back to normal.

**Optional Metric Adapter Kit available for mounting mirrors to Honda, Kawasaki, & Yamaha models.
Adapter kit includes (2) each 10mm x1.25" and 8mm x 1.00" studs and nuts


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