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Chrome Glow LED Fork Mounted Lights

Price: $80.49  
Fork Lights Turn Signals

Chrome Glow LED Fork Mounted Lights

Price: $80.49  
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LED Fork Lights are now even better!  New design ensures the wrap-around LED turn signal will stay in place even on the hottest summer day.  LED Fork Lights are sleek LED strips that wrap around your motorcycle forks and function as your turn signals or daytime running lights (DRL).  Now you can remove your front "lolli-pop" style motorcycle turn signals for a clean, custom look.  Our new design has a zip tie built into the light strip to ensure the strip won't come off in the hottest of conditions.

- Measure your forks to determine proper size (see chart to the right)
- Thoroughly clean & dry forks with soap and water prior to installing
- Warm the Fork Lights until tubing and LED strip is soft and pliable
- Prior to pealing off the red strip in back of each light, bend around forks to ensure a proper fit
- Reheat strip, peal red strip off of the tape, apply to fork
- Use Zip Tie to pull the Fork Light tight to forks; Snip off excess Zip Tie end
- Refer to your motorcycle manual for turn signal and running light wiring diagram


Fork Sizes MM to Inches:
39mm - 1.535" dia
41mm - 1.614" dia
43mm - 1.693" dia
46mm - 1.811" dia
49mm - 1.929" dia
50mm - 1.968" dia
52mm - 1.968" dia
54mm - 2.125" dia
56mm - 2.204" dia
58mm - 2.283" dia


  • 2 Amber or White LED Strips with 120 degree viewing angle for wider visibility
  • Size matched for just about any fork size (even inverted forks)
  • Choose Smoked or Clear "D" channel lens
  • Flexible "D" channel tube is only .325" thick x .325" wide
  • Industrial strength double side mounting tape on back along with a built in Zip Tie for added strength
  • 24 gauge teflon coated wire leads with black heat shrink sheathing
  • Draws less than .2 amps per foot
  • Input voltage of 12-15 Volts DC
  • Kit includes 2 Fork Light strips, 4 Posi-Tap connectors, Four 8" Zip Ties, 3M Promoter Pad
  • Add a Running Light Feature with either Dual Element or Solar Circuits (see "customers also bought" below)
- Solar Circuits will provide full brightness running light with Off-to-On flashing as turn signal
- Dual Element Circuits will provide a 1/2 intensity running light that blinks full intensity as turn signal (use part # 6122-00)

Universal Fit for 12V DC Systems

*A Load Equalizer may be required when replacing stock incandescent turn signal bulbs with LEDs
*Metric models with a signal turn signal indicator on the dash (the light that indicates your turn signal is on) will require a Cross Feed Diode Kit