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Amber TruWRAPZ® Motorcycle Fork Turn Signals

Price: $109.95  
Amber TruWRAPZ® Motorcycle Fork Turn Signals

Amber TruWRAPZ® Motorcycle Fork Turn Signals

Price: $109.95  
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Finally a simple, easy to install full functioning LED fork wrap-around turn signal that can be installed in approximately 30 minutes or less. TruWRAPZ® are easy to install motorcycle LED turn signals that feature all of the TruFLEX® advantages plus Patent Pending Eclipze2® module. Functions as running lights and turn signals. Amber LEDs with choice of Clear, Amber, or Smoke Tube. From Custom Dynamics.

  • Dual Intensity running and turn signal LEDs or connect as turn signal only for European use
  • 7 sizes to choose from for forks from 39mm to 56mm
  • Amber LEDs in your choice of Amber, Clear, or Smoke Tube
  • LEDs function with 4 way hazards and alarms when bike is on or off
  • Easy to install - clean surface with included Primer, peel liner tape, and wrap around your forks
  • Includes 6 Posi-Taps for simple tap-in installation or solder connectors with enclosed adhesive lined heat shrink tubing
  • Includes Stainless Steel Wire Loom and chrome cable ties for a professional, clean installation
  • TruWRAPZ® are 0.34" Wide X 0.30" High

39mm, 41mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 54mm, 56mm motorcycle forks - Universal for 12V DC Systems

*You must verify YOUR fork size before ordering* Use below formula to convert your fork diameter to millimeters:
Multiply your fork diameter by 25.4 to obtain size in millimeters (example - if your forks measure 1.535", then 25.4 x 1.535 = 39mm)

*A Load Equalizer may be required when replacing stock incandescent turn signal bulbs with LEDs
*Metric models with a signal turn signal indicator on the dash (the light that indicates your turn signal is on) will require a Cross Feed Diode Kit