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Sidefirez "Under the Fender" Split LED Motorcycle Taillight

Price: $74.99  
Sidefirez Under the Fender Taillight

Sidefirez "Under the Fender" Split LED Motorcycle Taillight

Price: $74.99  
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Sidefirez are a new "under the fender" motorcycle LED taillight strip featuring 90° LEDs that shine the light straight back towards traffic when the strip is mounted on the underside of the fender.  The strip is split in the middle so it can be used as turn signals or wire them together for a full length brake light (Run-Brake-turn can be achieved with a RBT module sold separately).  Many lengths to choose ranging from 6.9 to 17 inches.  Available in Red, Clear, or Smoked tubing.

Wiring Options:
- Light bar is a 3-wire hookup.  Left side power, right side power, and ground.
- Add optional Running Light Kit to make the light bar function as 1/2 bright running light with full brightness turn OR brake.  Includes installation hardware.
- A Run/Brake/Turn module will be needed if you want running light, brake, AND turn signals. See Wiring Controls category for RBT modules.

  • Sidefirez technology featuring 90° LEDs spaced 3mm apart
  • Mounts under fender and shines light straight back toward traffic
  • Choose Red, Clear, or Smoked Tubing
  • Can be flexed in an arc to match fender shape
  • Dual sided for turn signal use
  • Wire end is water sealed with silicone sealant at factory
  • LEDs shine at 70° viewing angle for wider daytime visibility
  • Flexible "D" channel tube that is only .325" thick by .325" wide
  • Industrial strength double sided mounting tape on back
  • 24 gauge teflon coated wire leads 24" long
  • Input voltage of 12-15 Volts DC
  • Can be used as dual intensity by adding Running Light Circuits
  • Includes the 3M Adhesion Promoter Pad for a stronger bond to mounting surface

Lengths and # of LEDs Available:

24 LED is 5.65" Long

32 LED is 7.25" Long

40 LED is 8.85" Long

48LED is 10.45" Long

56 LED is 12.05" Long

64 LED is 13.65" Long

72 LED is 15.25" Long

80 LED is 16.85" Long


Universal fit for all 12V DC systems

***This item will not work on 'V" shaped fenders. It only bends in an arc and will break if you bend or kink it in a "V" shape.***