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Victory Hammer Rear LED Turn Signal Kit from MBW

Price: $319.95  
Hammer LED Rear Turn Signal Kit

Victory Hammer Rear LED Turn Signal Kit from MBW

Price: $319.95  
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All new and completely redesigned for a perfect fit on your Victory Hammer.  A low profile replacement for your bulky stock Victory Hammer motorcycle rear turn signals.  Gives your motorcycle a custom show bike look with its low profile, under the fender, mount. Manufactured from DOT grade plastic and water sealed for years of trouble free service. Feature 120 degree viewing angle LEDs making you visible from just about all sides, both night or day.  Available with Red or Amber LED signals in either Red, Clear, or Smoked lens.


  • Injection molded DOT grade lens material
  • 150 LEDs (75 each side!) sealed in place
  • Mounting arms bolt the unit directly into place on the fender for a perfect fit
  • Visibility is awesome (smoked lens output is slightly lower than the red and clear) 
  • Provides an additional safety benefit with its wraparound design
  • Low profile design is so un-noticeable, you won’t even know it’s there until you turn it on
  • Choice of 7 different models with 3 different lens colors; 3 of them available with either amber or red LEDs.
  • Lifetime warranty against LED failure on new injection molded design

2005-2015 Victory Hammer, 2010-2015 Hammer 8-Ball, 2016-2017 Hammer-S

Note: 2005 & newer models require a load equalizer to maintain stock flash rate if both front and rear turn signals are replaced with LEDs; only one load equalizer is needed for Victory Motorcycles with self-cancelling turn signals.