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Turn Signal Strobe Module - Special Use

Price: $74.95  

Turn Signal Strobe Module - Special Use

Price: $74.95  
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So you're a Road Captain and want your LED turn signals to strobe when riding in a group? Now you can do just that. This Solid-State Strobe Module will allow your turn signals to strobe and wig-wag back and forth and then switch back to standard blinker mode if turn signal is activated. Ideal for Road Captains, Funeral Bikes, Police, and Emergency Vehicles. This item can only be used if you have switched your stock incandescent bulbs over to LED.
  • Solid-State design produces little or no heat
  • 10 Selectable strobe/wig-wag patterns
  • Waterproof housing
  • Strobes & Wig-Wags turn signals. Activating stock blink switch overrides the system allowing turn signal to function normally. When signal is turned off, strobe will continue.
  • Can be manually shut off for daily riding
  • Measures 4" x 2" x .5"

12V DC Systems

Wiring diagram included. Requires splicing into stock wiring. Requires some sort of handle bar mounted switch (not included) to turn system on or off.
Recommended that install be done by qualified motorcycle electrician. This unit is not Plug-N-Play.
Only works with LED turn signals