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Dual Load Equalizer

Price: $19.99  
Dual Load equalizer

Dual Load Equalizer

Price: $19.99  
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BackOFF Dual-Load Equalizer from Signal Dynamics
These variable load flashers are designed to correct the problem of turn signals flashing too quickly or not at all when you have changed your stock incandescent turn signal bulbs to LEDs or adding a lighting control module to your turn signals.
  • Equalizes load to turn signals after changing to LED bulbs or clusters.
  • Reduces flash rate back to "stock" flash speed.
  • Dependable solid-state electronic components.
  • Weather Proof - potted with soft cell technology to prevent wire chaffing and damage
  • Works on all 12 Volt DC systems.
  • Dimension: 2 1/4” L x 1 5/8” W x 5/8” H.

Easy installation: All hardware and installation instructions included.
Variable load flasher unit controls either front or rear turn signals

Universal fit for all 12V DC systems.

**Not compatible with Can-Bus electrical systems