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Dual Element Circuits for LED Turn Signals

Price: $5.69  
Dual Element Circuits

Dual Element Circuits for LED Turn Signals

Price: $5.69  
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Dual Element Circuits convert single intensity LEDs into dual intensity.  Produces a 1/2 bright running light with a full brightness turn or brake.

Part #s 6120 thru 6124 convert any Radiantz Flexible Array into a dual intensity Running/Brake Light or Running/Turn Signal.
Allows array to illuminate at 1/2 intensity for running lights and full intensity for brake lights/turn signals.

** Use Universal Circuit (p/n 13-307) for most aftermarket LED marker lights and turn signal applications.

Installation: Easy installation. Wiring diagram included with each Dual Element Circuit.

Sold Each (if using for turn signals, be sure to order one for each signal)

Application Chart:
Part# 6123-00 is for 5-10 LED Strips
Part# 6120-00 is for 15-25 LED Strips
Part# 6122-00 is for 30-60 LED Strips
Part# 6121-00 is for 65-100 LED Strips
Part# 6124-00 is for 100 + LEDs
Part# 13-307 is universal for most aftermarket LED turn signals

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