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Solar Circuits™ LED Turn Signal Wiring Circuits

Price: $24.95  
Solar Circuits Turn Signal Circuits

Solar Circuits™ LED Turn Signal Wiring Circuits

Price: $24.95  
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Solar Circuits are a dual function wiring relay that converts any single intensity LED light strip or cluster into a dual intensity with the advantage of full brightness running light that will blink off and on as a turn signal. They also work on dual color LEDs where one color is used as running lights and the other as turn signals. These circuits are commonly used with dual color white/amber LEDs to achieve white Daytime Running Lights with Amber turn signals. Works with any size LED up to 33mA.  Works great on any motorcycle front turn signal application or wherever you need a single intensity bulb to function as a dual purpose light. Sold in pairs

Easy installation.  Wiring diagram for both single color and dual color LEDs included

  • Converts 2 Wire LED Lights into 3 wire hook-up
  • Adds full intensity running light with Off to On turn signal function
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Can also be used for dual color running lights/turn signals lights
  • Works great with White/Amber LED strips to create white DRL with Amber turn signal
  • Manufactured by Chrome Glow
12V DC Applications